General Approach

Being a sustainable business is about striking the balance between our partner’s expectations and the needs and concerns of our employees, the workers in our supply chain, and the environment. We truly believe that acting as a responsible business – one which is fully committed to respecting human rights – will contribute to lasting economic success.

We are continuously working towards becoming a more sustainable company. While we have been in this game for a long time, we will never stop learning and improving our sustainability efforts. For us, it is about being prepared, setting the right pace, and having both the drive and stamina to go the distance. It is about being persistent, overcoming setbacks and difficulties, and never giving up on the overall goal. Just like a true athlete never would.


Our holistic approach to sustainability responds to the challenges that endanger our planet and people. Consequently, sustainability is an integral component of our strategy ‘Own the Game’ and we have a clear roadmap for 2025 and beyond. It tackles the topics that are most material to our business and our stakeholders and translates our overall sustainability efforts into tangible goals